Legal Accuracy

Our aim is to provide training and consultancy that reduces risk whilst also reducing liability. To do this we provide services that:

  • Are legally accurate
  • Include a risk assessment approach to risk identification
  • Provide practical solutions for front-line staff
  • Are supported by formal documentation
  • Are reviewed and audited

Staff who successfully complete this course will understand:

The Common & Criminal Law and in relation to the use of physical force for the purpose of controlling and restraining pupils.

The relevant Sections of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 in relation to the use of force to control and restrain children.

The recent Guidance for Schools in England issued in 2013 on the Use of Force.

The relevant sections of the Children Act 1989, the Human Rights Act 1998.

How to minimise the risk of death by positional asphyxia and the risk of injury to staff and children in line with current statute and guidance.

The Health and Safety requirements of using force in the workplace.

What techniques should not be used, consistent with Coroners recommendations.

“Thank you a brilliant day with up to-date safety training”. Christina Rowan, Deputy Headteacher at the Janet Duke School, Essex

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